How To Manage Your BDO Credit Card During Christmas Season

Christmas is that time of the year when all over the world, people spend lots of money in order to purchase gifts for their friends and family. Not only that, the money is spent on buying the Christmas tree, decorations, faerie lights, food, and so much more. So during such a festive time of the year, the last thing anyone wants to be worried about is, having to carry around enough cash in order to make their purchases. So what do people do in such situations? They opt for the plastic money, in the form of credit cards.

BDO credit cards

BDO Unibank is one of the most famous banks in Philippines, and a lot of people apply for BDO credit cards during the holiday season. But when you are using a credit card, be it of BDO or any other bank, you should know how to manage your card, especially during times when you are using it to make so many purchases. So here are a few ways in which you can manage your BDO credit cards during the Christmas season.

  • The very first thing that you should do for your own security is to sign on the back of your card immediately after receiving it. This way, if you do lose your card, at least the person working at the billing counter of the store would know if someone else is using your card since they would be able to tell the difference in the signature. That way, you would be protected from any kind of unnecessary damage and losses.
  • Do not delay in paying your credit card bills, because then you would have to pay the late fees which is usually very high for most credit card companies. Try to pay your card bill on or before the due date, because you are not charged anything extra for paying the bill on time. Instead, you end up getting good credit worthiness, when you pay your bills on time, which would help you in the future if you are ever in the need of a loan.
  • Before you pay your credit card bill, make sure that the things you are being charged for are the ones that you really bought, or consented someone else to buy by using your card. If you see any discrepancy in your account statement, it is best advised to call the customer service about it, and immediately clear things out.
  • The MRP of the product does not increase if you pay using a credit card. So if the seller is trying to charge you more just because you are paying via a credit card, complain about it to your bank.

Credit cards should be used in a responsible way in order to steer clear from a debt trap. Finding out about BDO credit card requirements is quite easy, and the people who are working at the bank know how to answer any kind of query that you may have about their services.

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