How Much Could I Receive From An Accident Claim?

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you are legally entitled to make a claim for compensation. You can claim both damages for your injury and damages for all financial losses related to your injury, such as loss of work and overtime. In total, you could be owed thousands of pounds in compensation, but you will have to make an accident claim to get your hands on the money you are entitled to.

Accident Claim

Examples of compensation

Personal injury claims vary from £850 to millions of pounds. The average pay-out for whiplash is around £1,000, the average pay-out for an accident at work is around £5,000 and the average pay-out for a slip, trip or fall is around £1,000. However, the amount of compensation you could be entitled to could be far more than this, depending on the factors covered above. When you talk to a solicitor, they will be able to offer you a figure that you may be entitled to. This will be based on past cases similar to your own.

Making a fresh application for compensation is a simple process. All you have to do is contact a personal injury solicitor. Your solicitor will ascertain your eligibility to make a claim for you and then they will provide you with an estimated pay-out based on the information they have. How much could you receive for your accident? That depends on the following:

  •         The extent of your injuries

How badly have you been injured? For example, you can claim a lot more financial compensation for a broken leg than you can a sprained ankle, and you can claim a lot more financial compensation for the loss of a digit than you can a broken wrist. The ascertain the extent of your injuries, you will have to attend a medical examination set up by your lawyer.

  •         Your recovery period

The recovery period from your injuries is important when determining a fair and proportionate settlement figure. Your solicitor will take into account future losses as a result of your injury and put forward a demand that is fair. If your recovery will be around six months for example, then six month’s wages will be tacked onto the settlement demand.

  •         Your prognosis for the future

This is another important factor in determining a fair and proportionate settlement figure. Your prognosis for the future will be ascertained through a medical examination. The worse your prognosis, the more you can claim. If you have lost a digit on the hand you write with and you are a writer, for example, your prognosis for the future will not be good.

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