Consumers In The Uk Eager To Make Enhancements To Their Properties Suggests New Research Conducted For Aa Financial Services

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it is no surprise that when revamping their properties, many consumers focus on this room. These days, there are so many products for people to choose from, that they shouldn’t struggle to achieve any look they are aiming for.

Demand for kitchen furniture and other similar goods may be particularly high over the coming months. According to a study conducted by Populus for AA Financial Services, four in ten consumers are planning to make improvements to their properties over the course of 2014.

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Facts and Figures 

Redecorating was identified as the most popular home improvement. This was the top choice among a fifth of respondents. Meanwhile, garden overhauls took the second spot.

However, more major work is being planned too. One in seven of the individuals polled revealed they intended to undertake large-scale projects, such as building an extension or conservatory, or installing a new kitchen.

Commenting on the advantages associated with home improvements, director of AA Financial Services Mark Huggins said: “Although carrying out home improvements can initially be expensive, the homeowner is likely to benefit in the longer term as the changes they make may well add value to the property and make it more attractive to potential buyers.”


Regardless of the sort of work they are planning to undertake within their homes, consumers have to find a way to pay for it. Some individuals will be able to dip into savings in order to fund the changes. Many others will use credit.

According to Mr Huggins, the latter approach has its benefits. About this, he said: “Credit cards – particularly those which offer a money transfer facility – can… be a useful way to pay tradesmen, as they have added protection in case anything goes wrong.”

The poll revealed that consumers aged under 35 are the most likely to rely on credit in order to pay for enhancements to their houses or flats.

Heading Online

To help ensure they benefit from the best results from their domestic alterations, lots of people now head online. The web can be a convenient place to research products and it is becoming increasingly common for individuals to make purchases in cyberspace. Consumers can peruse their options on a break at work, while they are relaxing in the evening or even when they have a spare few moments while travelling on public transport.

The web can also be a fantastic source of design inspiration. Planning changes to homes can be daunting, particularly for anyone who has limited experience of these projects. The internet is full of ideas. Simply by looking at existing examples of kitchens, consumers can pick up plenty of ideas for their own properties. The web is also a great place to get tips on a range of issues. Whether homeowners want to know how to make the most of a small space, how to budget an improvement project, or indeed anything else, they shouldn’t struggle to access the assistance they need.

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