How To Make Six Figures In Your Twenties

Many entrepreneurs seek advice from different mentors and experts on how to be successful in their business. This is where financial advice comes in place. However, finding the right one seems so difficult, because you’ll never know if this process will work the best for you.

If you’re an entrepreneur that seeking pieces of financial advice on how to become successful, then you’re in the right place.

In today’s blog post, I’ll share with you the secrets on how to make six figures in your early twenties.

5 Secrets on How to Make Six Figures in Your Twenties

The following secrets that I’ll be discussing with you are one of the keys to become successful. However, you need to think about it thoroughly and apply it to yourself. Sooner, success is within your reach.

These secrets will teach you a lot of things in a point of view of a business tycoon.

Success is always associated with failures. These failures always have valuable lessons that you can learn. That’s why a lot of success stories you’ll read always have ups and downs before they achieve their first success in life.

One of the biggest thing that attributed to your success is finding the right mentor through the largest financial planning firms Australia…

  1. Find the Right Mentor Who Can Teach You a High-Income Skill

In order for you to be a six-figure earner in your twenties, start with finding the right mentor for you that can teach you about high-income skills. So, stop focusing on making money and start focusing on your talents.

  1. Stop Focusing on Making Money, Start Focusing on Your Talents

Start thinking about the things you really like to do and things that you’re passionate about. Identify what your talents and skills you are good at. What could be the skill you can offer to the market?

To be honest, it’s hard to make a six-figure income if you’re working at a job that earns $15-$20 per hour. That’s why if you’re still young, start figuring out what your talents are and nurture that high-income talent of yours. Eventually, everything will change and could instantly reach a six-figure income.

  1. Work with Successful Businesses Who Needs Your Talents

It’s given that you’ll always make a lot of money when your clients are businesses that are successful or big companies that are already established. You can charge a higher price for your fee if you can offer a skill that will uplift their business. These skills can be marketing-related, social media, closing, editing, animation or whatever skills it is, as long as it’s valuable to the business you can charge a high-ticket price.

Basically, it is how can you charge your clients with high-ticket prices so that you don’t have to work with a lot of clients. By this, you can focus on a client one at a time, and at the same time, you’re making more money with a few clients per month.

To be honest, there are a lot of businesses that are willing to pay for high-ticket prices as long as that person has valuable skills that they need for their business. Many businesses are willing to pay for someone that has a great sale skill, which can help them to make more money for their business. Individuals with skills in digital marketing or sales marketing are worth the money they pay because they know that these individuals can help their business to make more money.

  1. Learn The Importance of Transaction Size and High-Ticket Pricing

Always remember that quality matters most than quantity. It’s not just the type of skill you’re offering that matters but on what kind of quality you can give to your clients. Also, don’t forget that transaction size matters and it’s vital to learn how to charge clients on what you’re worth.

This strategy really works well, however, there’s another more way for you to earn a six-figure income.

  1. You Can Be a Successful Entrepreneur’s Right-Hand Person

There’s another way to start a business if you’re not yet ready to establish of your own. And this is also another way to earn a six-figure income in your twenties. You can become a businessman’s right-hand person.

This type is called in entrepreneurship as “chicken entrepreneur”. Basically, a right-hand person has all the skills and ideas needed for a business to be successful. When you’re a right-hand, you’ll find a CEO that needs your skills, where your skills can help a business to grow and be successful in the run. You’ll become the CEO’s representative person and cooperate in all important discussions relating to the business.

When you become the right-hand person of a successful businessman, you can ask for some profit share. If you’ll be rewarded with a share in the revenue, you can instantly earn six figures.

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