Why Businessmen Are Great Philanthropists

Business is about engaging in e-commerce, it’s about investment and trade. A businessman is a person that engages in business. From how it’s defined, there isn’t even one word right there that defines philanthropy. Philanthropy is defined as basically doing good, someone that contributes to society in a positive way. While business and Philanthropy are two different things, they can actually be mixed well.

If you watched The Devil’s Advocate, it might seem like business and philanthropy can potentially be like that, but it’s not. As much as The Devil’s Advocate is a great movie, it’s not the best basis for mixing philanthropy and business together, because it’s actually has a more positive side. Read further why both are actually a good pair to be mixed.

Business people are better philanthropist: Businessmen are the better philanthropists, it’s a very bold statement but it’s a fact. In business, if they invest in something, surely they will think of their investment. But investment isn’t just money, it’s also about goods and services, and for investors to genuinely try to help make a business grow is something. People watch Shark Tank and people can agree to disagree that the sharks sometimes go out of their way to help someone and that is already something.

They got the resources: When they talk about helping or investment, it’s not just a few dollars being handed to one person to help them get thru the day. If you watched Shark Tank, even a thousand is little enough if they do decide to help or invest in something. Now investments are not always a guarantee that a product can be successful, but nonetheless good investors offer it anyway because they believe.

Bigger resources mean bigger opportunities: If you got a shark backing you up on your business, don’t you think that you will have a better chance of getting your business out there? Let’s say you discovered making light out of salt (yeah it’s taken, but it’s a good example), and your goal was to light up the rural areas that don’t have electricity. It’s a cheap way to have light without the need to bring a whole army of electric companies to light up this whole town that didn’t have any electricity ever. It’s a good invention with a good purpose. If you don’t have the money to produce and get it out there, it may last for a few months and that’s it! But if you got investors backing you, you can grow, hire people, have a higher production and even light up towns that never got to experience a light constantly during the night on a global scale.

Now Hunter Perret isn’t a shark and he doesn’t need to because you don’t need that fame to invest and help people. The Philanthropist that hails in of Lafayette, Louisiana is a great businessman with a good heart. The man is the perfect example that you can do great things especially if you’re a businessman.

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