Learn The Importance Of Spine Tumor Removal Surgery And Get Well Sooner

We always have to remain very conscious about our health. Getting regularly checked up and making sure that everything is in order is something that we have to find time for. If you the good habit of checking up with your doctor every now and then, then a lot of diseases can be caught in time and treated properly. One such malady that can be treated properly when caught early and become fatal if remain untreated is a spinal tumor.

Spine Tumor Removal Surgery

What is a spinal tumor?

A growth that develops with time in the bones of your spine or your spinal canal is known as a spinal tumor. Some of the tumors might grow directly from the spinal cord while the others can develop from the vertebrae. These tumors can either be malignant or benign. Malignant spinal tumors can prove to be fatal. When need be sometimes doctors suggest spine tumor removal surgery in India in order to remove the source of pain and give relief to the patient.

How do I know if I have spinal tumor?

There are various symptoms that will help you to understand whether you are suffering from a growth in your spine or not. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. The most common symptom would extreme pain in your back and neck that just refuses to go away.
  2. If there is a pain that shoots up when one particular area of the spine is pressed. Then it is to be ascertained that the tumor is growing in that area.
  3. Various neurological symptoms too act as signs like weakness, numb feeling in the legs and arms.

If you have a constant pain in your back which just does not go away no matter how much rest you take, you need to immediately go and get it looked at.

Why do I need to have spinal tumor removal surgery?

Though surgery is never the first choice of the doctors, sometimes the conditions are such that there remains no other option but to go for a spinal tumor removal surgery. This surgery may be required before or even after non-operative methods of treatment. Some general conditions that call for immediate surgical intervention are compression of the nerves by the growth, persistent neurological problems in spite of non-operative care and destruction of the vertebrae.

The main aim of this surgery is to make sure that the pain that you have been suffering from goes away. Though the tumor on spine surgery recovery cost in India isn’t exactly pocket friendly, but in order to get better sometimes it’s more than necessary. Since this growth directly affects the nerves there are 100% chances that is will mess with your nervous system and affect your bowel movement as well. This is something that the surgery of a benign tumor will be able to do away with. In case the growth is a malignant one then the surgery will help to reduce the pain and buy more time when caught early and even treatment is possible with chemotherapy.

So, stay aware and stay conscious about your health. Go visit a doctor for any discomfort that you might feel to get it treated properly.

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