Is Your Belly Button Popping Out An Indication Of What Is To Come?

When will my belly button pop out in pregnancy is an enigma of sorts. A lot of mothers are posed with the question of when will their belly button pop or stick out during pregnancy. On the other side of the coin, mothers were asked the question on what reaction would be if mothers did not witness a popped out belly button.

The main reason for a pop pregnant belly button is the uterus tends to push the abdomen forward. The pressure that the abdomen puts on the belly button does push it forward and in some cases makes it protrude as well. The uterus is at an ever expanding stage and it tends to push all the more forward around 26 weeks of pregnancy. But in cases of women who are outie and a bit skinny this tends to happen in the second trimester of their pregnancy as well. This is that stage where a pregnant woman goes on to discover a popped out belly button as well. One thing is for sure there is no relation between a popped up belly button and the gender of a baby.

In fact there is nothing you can do after discovery of a popped up belly button. It is inevitable and harmless especially when you had an outie or belly button to start of the process. Though it is going to look like lived in or stretched out, in the starting stages, but trustsme it is going to return back to its normal position after delivery. There have been so many pregnant women who did not have a popped out belly button and the delivery has been normal. There is no cause of worry on any counts.

The point of consideration is that a popped out belly button can lead to umbilical hernia. In the case of pregnant women there is a hole or defect in their abdominal wall long before pregnancy. What happens during the stage of pregnancy is that excess stress is being put on this defective area that does force the hernia to become all the more visible. The hole tends to become so large that the tissue could pass through it. In hindsight a bulge is being noticed in your umbilical area and it tends to become all the more noticeable. On all counts it is suggested that you wait no longer you are pregnant to repair this umbilical hernia. But if things do not follow a same direction, whereby the tissue does remain trapped in the defective area, and then there is no other option apart from surgery left.

Surgery is a life changing decision and should be adopted after all forms of alternate medicines have failed to churn in the desired results. You would need to discuss with your doctor about the pros and cons of the surgery and then only opt for the best course of action. The post recovery stage assumes a lot of importance as well.

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