Useful Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing to happen for every woman that comes with happiness and satisfaction. However, there are few risks which are faced by every expectant woman during pregnancy, something that she needs to be aware about. Having knowledge of the dangers which may cause harm to both the mother and the unborn baby will help her to stay healthy during this period until smooth delivery of the baby. Alcohol and smoking are considered to be among the risk causers, which are to be avoided immediately. Also, it will be useful to keep in check the food habits.

Tips to have safe pregnancy

Both the unborn baby in the womb and the mother can be safe by following few indicators, which are given below. The person can make use of online contraction timer to get more knowledge about the baby.

  • Smoking tends to increase risk of the baby getting prematurely born or having low birth weight. Cigarette smoking causes lung cancer.
  • Alcohol is likely to seriously affect the unborn baby. No safe limit exists for intake of alcohol during this sensitive period. Hence, it will be wise to avoid drinking during the nine months of pregnancy. Moreover, the mother should reduce intake of alcohol after giving birth for better overall health.
  • Caffeine in beverages may lead to low birth weight and miscarriage. The mother should limit intake of caffeine to 300mg / day.
  • Specific foods such as peanuts, cheese and under-cooked eggs can be dangerous and hence, better avoided.
  • Toxoplasmosis is considered to be a parasite present in dairy products. Medical advice will be required, since it can be found in unpasteurized cheese, milk and not properly cooked meat, cat faeces and specific root vegetables. The infect woman carrying the baby and depending upon the pregnancy stage may experience miscarriage, stillbirth and birth defects. Meat is to be cooked thoroughly and all vegetables and fruits washed properly.
  • Drugs of all types should be avoided. Only doctor prescribed drugs are to be taken and nothing else. Contraction schedule can be created discussing with the healthcare expert.
  • Smoking cannabis may cause health issues for the unborn baby. Ecstasy is known to cause dehydration, while being linked to various types of birth defects. Many teenagers have been found to have died due to consuming Ecstasy tablets. Certain drugs when taken during pregnancy may cause the baby to be addicted to such drugs that were consumed during pregnancy like crack, heroin and cocaine.
  • Paracetamol provided through prescription by the physician to pregnant women to provide relief for headaches are not to be taken unless prescribed. In moderation, paracetamol can be safe. But the initial three months of pregnancy being crucial, it will be better to avoid it. Aspirin is said to be linked with neonatal heart defects and miscarriage. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen should be avoided as regular pain killer till the baby is delivered.

Therefore, following the above safety tips and getting proper guidance and checkup from the professional physician will help the woman to deliver the baby safely and smoothly.

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