Why Are Hand Dryers Better Than Using A Traditional Towel?

Most people use towels to paper to dry their hands after they have been to the toilet. This is because they don’t necessarily want to spend money on a hand drying unit or on the electricity that will be used to power the machine when it is drying people’s hands.

There are several clear advantages to buying an electric hand dryer rather than using a traditional towel. What are these advantages?

Hand Dryers Better Than Using A Traditional Towel

The Electric Hand Dryer Is Much Faster Than Using A Towel

The best thing about the electric hand dryer is that it cleans your hands extremely quickly so that you do not have to hang around in the bathroom waiting for your hands to be dry. Drying your hands will a towel that has already been used after a shower is not a good idea at all. Once you have finished using the Mitsubishi Jet Towel hand dryer, you can get on with the rest of your day, whatever you happen to be doing.

The Electric Hand Dryer Is More Economical Than Using A Radiator To Dry Towels

When you are relying on towels to keep your hands dry, you have to make sure that the radiators are on all the time. This is because towels are often seen as multi-purpose and they are used by people for showering as well. Keeping the radiators on all the time can cause you to use a lot of energy that you would otherwise save if you were just using the hand dryers.

You should consider installing the hand dryers if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint. This is a very eco-friendly solution. You can install several hand dryers around the house so that there is no need to keep the towels heated all of the time.

The Electric Hand Dryer Is Much More Hygienic Than Using A Towel

You might be unaware that using a towel on a regular basis without washing it is very unhygienic. The towel will be crawling with thousands of different types of bacteria that have come from your hands, the radiator and the floor. You will be wiping the bacteria all over your hands when you have finished washing them, which defeats the purpose of cleaning.

In contrast, an electric hand dryer is completely hygienic because it uses hot air and you will not have to come into contact with the machine. The hot air kills any bacteria that happen to be on your hands so that you will not end up making yourself ill.

The Electric Hand Dryer Is More Cost-Effective Than Using A Towel

Over time, an effective hand-dryer will end up paying for itself because you will get a lot of use out of it. In contrast, you will probably have to spend a lot of money over the same period of time on replacements.

You should consider buying a hand dryer because they are so much more effective and hygienic than towels.

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