Panda Timesheet Software That Gives You Peace Mind

Panda Timesheet software offers free time sheet timesheet software. Employees whose works outside the office are now easily tractable by the Timesheet software. This timesheet has many other features for time tracking like time setting that allows you to set the working hours, standard check-in time and check out time for employees. Task creation feature has many advanced options like uploading of all relative documents, deadline time setting for an individual task, task priority setting. Panda Timesheet software can easily install on your Smartphone so that any point of time you can check for updates also it helps to track the employee outside the office.

Versatile Timesheet – Software that has multiple features with time tracking like, help in project management, Task creation and allows setting the deadlines, it can be possible to give access to employees as per the need. Different login can be set as per the need for employees. The different alert can be set for multiple tasks or time tracking. Panda timesheet is free time sheet timesheet software that is wonderful software helps you to keep track of different branches of your office employees. It is totally safe to use and can be used in any operating system you have. Develop with an expert team for hazel free experience.

Performance monitoring – Performance monitoring is a very challenging task for any firm. Any given task is completed on time or not and the time took by the employee to complete the task is desirable to time or some time gap is there, it will very important to find out these factors to boost your performance and time should be efficiently used by all employers. Any company will get success when the employee thinks about company progress with their personal progress; their work goal should be achieving first the company target. With time, quality should be maintained be maintain by employee timesheet software helps to achieve these factors by the user data.

Easy to use – Panda Timesheet software is very easy to operate can be operated by any person who has basic knowledge of computer. Easy and fast to install in different operating systems. There will be proper guidance is provided to use this timesheet also our expert team is always there to help you. It is very light software that will not create any heavy load on to your systems also very fast in response. Support multiple file formats to upload. As of easy use, anyone can use this timesheet. Give comfort of automatic time calculation.

Employee Time off details and request – The old way of leave applications are not very effective, at the time off approving the application you have no idea about the future workload, also after approving the leave many times we forgot that particular employee is not available on that day, with timesheet software it will generate the advance alert to make you update about the unsent employee. Advance notifications also help to manage workload, and employee should also update the leave before someday so that it will make the whole process easy.          


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