Bulk SMS Tool: Two-Factor Authentication Just Became Easier

Not a long time ago it used to happen that when a customer logged into the website, there used to be no sort of protection. The result of this was drastic as anyone with the password could enter anyone else’s profile and operate it. This threat had to be cleared for maintaining customer’s privacy and the company’s good business. Enter, two-factor authentication! When a customer creates a profile on a website, it definitely asks him to feed a contact number. The same contact number can be used for authentication purposes. Let us understand how two-factor authentication helps. There are many uses of SMS service that help the companies as far as the marketing of their services and products are concerned. Probably that is the reason why the bulk SMS service has been much in demand in this era by many companies who are willing to popularize their products and services.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-Factor authentication is a protective security layer which ensures that the customer who logs into the business account is the actual person and not someone else. In two factor authentication, an SMS is sent to the customer’s number in a company database. This SMS contains a code which has to be entered by the customer to log into the account. Failing to enter the code means the user even if he knows the password cannot log in into the account.

The code received by a user is called a one-time password (OTP), this OTP is valid for several minutes only, and it can only be used once. After it has been used, using the same OTP again will not let you in into the protected account. Bulk SMS in Greater Noida make sure that your business gets a faster two-factor authentication and hence maintains the customer satisfaction as well.

Why shall I use bulk SMS tool for two-factor authentication in my business?

Two-factor authentication is not an easy authentication process as it sounds. On the user side, the user enters the right code into the dialogue box and signs in; it is simple. But on the back end, a lot happens while the user is trying to sign. A logic generates a code which has to be sent to the customer to sign in. Bulk SMS service providers in Noida have developed fast SMS software that will generate the six-digit code and send it right away to the user who is trying to sign in. In case the number entered by the customer during sign up process is a wrong one the system will prompt him to revise the number and enter a correct one.

The delivery of an OTP is very much important because in that short period if a customer does not get an OTP, he might not visit the website again. To curb the delivery failure issue, SMS service providers are also providing a voice call solution in case the SMS does not get delivered. Hence it proves a worthy service to go for.  

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