Why Should You Hire An Injury Attorney If You Are A Car Accident Victim?

Howard & Associates is home to a number of skilled attorneys who have won the toughest of injury lawsuits in the previous 20 years. It has been estimated that almost 30 people die every day in America because of drunk driving. Not just death, the aftermath in a car accident can cause fractured bones, internal hemorrhages, brain injuries, or permanent paralysis. In order to deal with these kinds of accidents, you need a strong case and someone who is an expert in injury law. In the case, if you are seeking for monetary compensation for someone who has been a victim of drunk driving then you can contact an injury law expert at the Howards. You can also claim if someone you loved died in a car accident. Their attorneys guide their clients to file a strong lawsuit and so car accident victims get justice.

Car Accident Victim

How An Injury Attorney Can Be Of Immense Help?

To get injured in a car accident can be horrific. Although the wounds maybe healed the trauma and its impact will last forever. The attorney will assist you in every step of your legal battle in your recovery process. They will help you to determine who is held for the accident. A person who is convicted of DUI will be liable to pay for all the damages. They will also help you to find the third parties involved or responsible for the accident. Further, a person may also be held for considered negligence. In Howard & Associates, there are attorneys who will help you to claim the full damages. They don’t care about the complexity of the case and have obtained over $20 million for their clients. They have fought countless battles and have recovered over $30 billion worldwide for their clients.

Drunk driving can lead to fatal accidents and it can also give permanent disability. An intoxicated driver runs on a full speed caring about the precious lives and also leads to other damages. It has been found that 30 % of DUI drivers are repeat offenders. It becomes necessary to file a lawsuit against them so that they pay all the medical expenses and so car accident victimsget somewhat mental satisfaction. It also stops them from repeating their crimes and killing precious lives. There are very few law firms who have expert injury attorney.

Why Howards & Associates Stands Out?

At Howards & Associates, the attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that you don’t have to pay anything unless your case is successfully settled.They charge as per Florida laws and it will be based on the final compensation. This would mean that they want you to get the maximum amount of money in your legal battle. They provide a free consultation. Your injury attorney will fight relentlessly for you until they win. You have to be apt in selecting your attorney. If you or your loved one has been a victim of any car accident then you should wait no time in filing a lawsuit. As per Florida State laws, the compensation can be sought only for two years. Stop wasting your time and give a call to Howard & Associates immediately as it will cost you nothing. You can also book a free consultation online.

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