What Are The Best Betting Strategies For Craps

Craps is one of the most exciting and fast-paced games, which you can ever find in the casino. It is a dice game, in which players have the opportunity to place an array of bets on the number rolled. For playing craps, all the land based casinos have the specially designed tables that feature a betting layout where the players can place their wagers. Most of the players prefer to play craps over other casino games. This is just because of their better house edge.

The value of the house edge in craps is only 1.41%. The house edge is more than three times, which is better than roulette, and several times better than slot machines. If you are interested and want to play craps, then the Free spins without deposit will help you to easily play without money.

Best Betting Strategies For Craps

Casino craps game is played completely against the casino. A big felt layout is set in a large table with high rails around the side. Up to between 12 and, 16 people can play at once, but it only depends on the size of the table. Each player of this game bets a minimal amount which is determined by the table. Craps is played with two dice. These two such dice are rolled by one player and that player is known as ‘shooter’. The shooter must place a ‘pass’ bet or a ‘don’t pass’ bet in order to be eligible to roll the dice.

If you use the best betting strategies while playing, that will enable you to steadily, though gradually, increase the size of your bankrolls. Prior to start playing craps, you have to carefully read and learn their betting strategies, which are listed below.

The Martingale Strategy 

This strategy teaches you to start with a single bet of the table minimum on an even money bet. If you make the same bet each time, you will win. But, if you lose, you double your bet for the next round. The martingale is a negative progression system as it requires the players to double their wager after each loss and whenever they win the game, the starting bet unit reduces their wagers.

The Reverse Martingale 

As its name explains, the reversing martingale strategy is the opposite of the standard version of the most popular betting system. This strategy follows the players who decide in favor of the reverse version. Also, they are expected to double their wager after each winning roll of the dice. And then reduce their wagers to the starting bet unit after a loss.

Discipline and self-control are the other factors, that the players need to consider when they apply the reverse martingale strategy. While playing, always remember that, if you want to stop the game as eventually, your bet until will soar provided that you enter a nice winning streak. When you already decided to leave the table and to stop the game, so you practically take a risk on losing a good amount of money on the next dice roll. 

The Doubling Strategy 

The doubling strategy totally differs from the Reverse Martingale Strategy only in one most important aspect. In this case, all the people who place the bet do no collect their winnings but leave them on the layout instead. Hence, their bets are doubled.

If the player wins for the second time in a row, they would still leave their chips on the table, so that both the initial bet and the winnings are getting doubled once again. 

The Gambler’s Fallacy Strategy 

Most of the players who are playing the game forget their previous dice rolls. If it happens to you, then you don’t have to worry about, because they do not influence the outcomes of the throws that follow. But, if you want to win the game, you should apply this strategy to single bets only. It is said that if someone notices very closely that the shooter’s hand and the manner in which one particular person throws the dice, it is possible to recognize a pattern as some people’s throws might increase the chances of specific dice rolls. For more information, please visit Norskcasinoguide.com!

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