Toy Hauler: What Is It Exactly?

Toy hauler is unlike any other kind of vehicle. This is not a toy, but it a can transport toy from one place to another. The toys are not the typical RC Cars or RC helicopters, but the toys are the so-called “toys for the big boys”. Toys like motorcycles, ATV’s and snowmobiles. These toys cannot be transported to the back of a truck and you wouldn’t want that if you are an owner of one of the toys.

Toy hauler is an RV that provides room and storage for your big toys. It helps to protect eh equipment from weather, accidental scratches and of course, thieves. Toy haulers are very popular that there are lots of toy haulers for sale in BC. Because of the popularity, manufacturers are building a variety of design that can store any type of ‘big boys’ toys.

What does a toy hauler looks like?

When you have not seen a toy hauler, it is an RV that looks like a garage. The back of the toy hauler has large doors like the garage., it allows the toys to come in and out of the RV with ease. Toy haulers have ramp incorporated in them so it’s easy to bring the toys inside. Up front is a living area. There are furniture and cupboards folded into the walls to create more room and opened up when needed.

Why do you need to have a toy hauler? 

The main reason why a person purchases a toy hauler is to keep and store toys away from thieves and protect from the changing weather. But other than as a storage for your toys, a toy hauler has other use that might surprise you.

  1. You can take your toy hauler to camping. Because toy haulers are very spacious, you can make it a home away from home. You can make it as a makeshift bed when you go camping and don’t want to spend sleeping in the woods inside a tent.
  1. You can use it as a temporary housing in case of emergency. Toy haulers are sturdy and in case of emergency, you can use as a temporary house, especially when traveling a long distance.
  1. You can bring your toys with you when you go to the beach. You can put your jet ski inside and go to the beach. Or take your motorbike and explore the great outdoors.

Those who do not have toys can hardly appreciate toy haulers, but other than storage they can be a great camping home.

Characteristics of a Toy Hauler that You May Want to Purchase One


Toy haulers are flexible. You can use it as a storage room or a living space. The toy hauler can provide enough space to be used as a portable workspace, a playroom or even a second home.


Toy haulers are convenient to use. You can tow your toys separately without the fear of it being damaged along the road. Convenient also if you want to have a home away from home.


Toy haulers are conveniently spacious. There is enough space to store your toys and an extra space for sleeping.


Toy haulers are one of the most versatile RV’s you will have. They are so spacious that you can have a space to relax and bring your hobby along the road with you.

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