The Right Approach To Disposing Of Unwanted Technology And Why Your Laptop May Be Worth More To You Dead Than Alive

Slow laptops can cause numerous problems for those who need to get things done, and whether those laptops are being used for work, pleasure or a mixture of the two, an old, outdated or sluggish computer is likely to lead to frustration at best and lost revenue at worst. Those that are infected with viruses can even further problems, leading to lost data, fraud and more.

Acer-Aspire-R7As such, for some, a computer may be better to them when it is dead than when it is alive, given that even the oldest and most clapped out of computers can be sold on for significant sums of money. Whilst those looking to sell their dying or dead laptops on auction sites are going to struggle to get more than a few disapproving glances at their listing, those choosing to recycle their laptop are likely to find that they are offered a very good deal, receiving money that can be put towards a replacement that will in turn help them use their time far more successfully and avoid facing costly issues such as lost productivity and corrupted data.


It is easy to allow your laptop to become extremely slow, taking many minutes to boot up, shut down and complete simple tasks, without really noticing it. Computers degrade slowly over time, and it is often not until the problem is very significant that we realize just how big a change there has been.

Whilst defragging computers, clearing temporary folders, checking for viruses and rationalising storage may all help to get a laptop back on track, unless such procedures produce significant results, it may well be time to look at upgrading to a newer, sleeker and, most importantly, faster alternative. Whether you use your laptop for fun or for work, the time you are wasting trying to carry out simple tasks may be worth far more to you than the money you will have to invest in a new computer, whilst recycling old laptops may well see you receive even more cash if you choose to do so sooner rather than later.

Computers contain a great many expensive and precious materials and so may be worth a surprisingly large amount no matter what the age or condition of a device. However, if certain parts can also be refurbished and sold on, the computer will be worth even more.


Recycling laptops is not only good for one’s wallet, but also for the environment. Whilst they contain many valuable materials, they also contain toxic elements that should always be disposed of in a responsible manner rather than being left in landfills to pollute the environment.

As such, whilst it will be important to find a recycling company who will offer you a decent amount of money for your old, dying or dead machine, it will also be important to check that they dispose of any toxic elements in the most responsible way.

When and how you dispose of old computers may make a huge difference to everything from how much money they are worth to you to how productive you can be, and by choosing a reputable company with an ethical approach to recycling, you may get to add environmental kindness to the growing list of benefits too.

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