The Latest Trends In Store Fixture Design

Modern retailers have access to millions of products designed to improve store layout and provide a visual showcase for merchandise. The challenge is always to meet the needs and expectations of your customers, but you don’t want your storefront to look tired and stale. The environment you create is an extension of your brand, so it is important to set up attractive, well-designed displays.

Store Fixture Design

Designing with slatwall is very popular in the retail industry because it is durable and very versatile. Creating a slatwall display is simple, as interlocking 4×8 panels enable you to create the height and length you need to customise your display. Panels come in MDF (medium density fibreboard), metal (steel and aluminum), and plastics such as PVC.

Slatwall is available in various finishes, including wood grains, textured surfaces, and many bright colours. An MDF system is typically rated to hold 18 kg per 4×8 panel, though this can be increased to 25 kg if aluminum inserts are used for reinforcement. If you need to showcase heavier items, metal slatwall panels greatly increase weight allowances.

Adding accessories such as hooks, baskets, shelves, hanging bars, and metal or acrylic display fixtures lets you design the ideal environment for displaying your specific product. You can also purchase slatwall fixtures in standard configurations such as cubes, H units, pinwheels, and 4 way displays.

End caps provide a way to showcase specific products you want your customers to focus on. Choosing items that are colourful or stand out can slow down traffic and make people take a second look. Creating a focal point in this way is known as micro merchandising.

Lighting is another element you don’t want to overlook. Ambient lighting — the overall store lighting — can set create a soft, romantic mood or you can use lots of bright light to create an entirely different look. Targeted accent lighting can be used to spotlight certain products and to make a product look more attractive by showing off its best features.

The shift to LED lights in recent years has led to more efficient, greener lighting. LED lamps use only a fraction of the energy required by older incandescent lamps, so they can lower operation costs over time. These lights also last about 30 times longer, cutting down on replacement costs and the need to recycle old units.

If you need portable merchandising displays, such as a trade show set up, there are slatwall systems for this as well. A typical MDF panel weights about 90 pounds, but in more recent years lightweight PVC design has allowed for transportable configurations. These displays are designed to be set up easily on the goal without requiring special tools.

Retail trends change quickly and doing a bit of research can help you keep your store current and visually interesting. Changing end cap displays and rearranging store layouts occasionally can keep things fresh. It may take a little extra work, but the benefit in drawing in and retaining customers will definitely pay off.

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