The Benefits Of Using Vacuum Sealed Bags For Storage

Bags with a vacuum seal can be a very handy product to use for a wide range of purposes. They can be great for storing clothes as an effective way to save space, and it’s always worth having a few packets to hand. If you live in a small property, then good quality vacuum storage bags can be used to store anything from your clothes to your bed linen and things will last longer in a damp space such as a loft if the bags used are vacuum sealed. Equally they are great when you go travelling, as you can save a lot of valuable space in your suitcase by vacuum sealing your belongings.

good quality vacuum storage bags

How do they Work?

The air inside the bag is taken out before being sealed and this can be done by a machine or by hand. It is important that the bags you choose to invest in are strong, to ensure they won’t rip when you seal them and this is why it is better to buy good quality bags for slightly more money than it is to get cheap ones.

A vacuum sealed bag will regulate the growth of bacteria and fungi by decreasing the amount of oxygen in the bag, which encourages it to grow. 

Storing Clothes

They are perfect for storing clothes when you go on holiday or your seasonal clothing that you want to store in the loft for six months of the year.

All of the following are easy to place into a vacuum sealed bag:

  • Clothing
  • Bed sheets
  • Duvets
  • Bathroom towels
  • Beach towels
  • Floor mats
  • Pillow cases

TIP: When storing non-food items, you can simply use your vacuum cleaner to remove the air from the bag after filling it.

Space Savers 

We all need to save space, whether it’s in our home, our cupboards or our suitcase when we travel.

As well as long-term storage, vacuum packing can also be used for short term purposes such as storing clothes when you go on holiday to save space in your luggage. When you live in a small space, every spare cupboard and corner of a room is accounted for and vacuum sealed bags take up far less room than having these items folded up in a cupboard.

Here are some handy ideas about how you can use these bags to save space:

  • Vacuum pack your luggage to ensure you have more space in your suitcase when you go on holiday
  • If you travel for work and don’t want to check luggage in, try vacuum packing your belongings into your hand luggage
  • Pack your out-of-season clothes into vacuum sealed bags until you need them again to stop them from getting damp and mouldy

Vacuum sealed bags are perfect for storing a wide range of items to keep them fresh, mould-free and ready to use when you are ready.

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