Sisters’ Despicable Experience At San Jose BMW

San Jose BMW is a well-known Northern California dealer in BMW motorcycles and authorized to deal with other brands as well including Piaggio scooters. The place is prominent and has been there for a long time and hence expected to provide, if not first class, then at least decent customer service. Well, apparently this isn’t so as one woman recount a horrible experience while at the renowned dealer with her sister.

This particular lady whose name is not mentioned as she merely wrote a rather shameful review which after reading, I still hope the store will look at with solemn eyes, had gone to the dealer to check out some bikes. She wanted to get herself a Christmas present and had taken her sister along who also loved bikes as the lady says, they have been riding for a long time. Now, these two sounded like ordinary people out on a regular day trying to shop and enjoy the freedom of the great free nation without having to explain anything to anybody or seek anybody’s approval to do anything. What they didn’t have to deal with was crap, and it was rather unfortunate that such a big store like San Jose BMW could harbor such unprofessional characters as the ones the two sisters met. So they went inside just like any other shopper and started checking out the excellent array San Jose boasts off, except they kept being recipients of these “off looks” from the guys at the store.

Furthermore, one of the sisters went to inquire about the bikes at the counter and was told she was too small to ride a bike and that she needed a man to help her out. Now if this isn’t a horrible experience then I don’t know what is. This was lack of professionalism on a higher level. I don’t believe San Jose BMW has a tag on it to exclusively sell their bikes to males only and if they did we all would have known, and that would’ve been sexist on another level. Maybe this guy was just flirting – in his sick way – or perhaps he was just disrespectful, but there is something called business etiquette which was lacking.

This isn’t an isolated incident at all, one way or another we all get to deal with harassment at one point in our lives, it has become that prevalent irrespective of where you are. It becomes even harder if you are a woman. It’s like somehow it has become a sick accepted fact that harassment, especially on women, is to be expected and so should be put up with? Like Gretchen Carlson says, ‘It’s so unbelievable that in 2017, almost every woman has a story about sexual harassment.’ The latter is not just a fact, but a sad reality. The two women at the San Jose BMW dealership did not deserve the harassment which was leveled at them, and neither do any of the people dealing with this issue. Here is a website that talks about ways of taking action on harassment.

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