Is Litecoin GPU Mining Profitable?

When you do not have access to costly ASIC processors it is hard to mine cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin. But, there are alternative currencies like the Litecoin which may still be mined using home computers. So, Litecoin GPU mining may yield profits for you even if you are not using ASICs. The newer currencies typically adopt Scrypt as the Proof of Work (POW) algorithm. But this is more memory intensive; so Litecoin GPU mining will need more memory than if you were to mine the Bitcoin. Moreover, Litecoin will confirm transactions at a much faster rate; it takes 2.5 minutes compared to 10 minutes that Bitcoin takes. It also has more coins (84 million coins) compared to 21 million Bitcoins.

If you have home computers with robust graphics cards you can mine the alternative cryptocurrencies with ease. There are still no dedicated ASICs for this task. Although mining cryptocurrencies using home PCs and laptops are indeed possible, they are not recommended because the results of CPU mining today are not favorable. When you do not own specific mining hardware for mining the Litecoin, you should either use the CPU (Central Processing Unit) or the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Out of these two options, the second option is preferable because it guarantees superior performance in terms of cryptographic problems.

How to do Litecoin GPU Mining:

For first timers who are just entering into the world of cryptocurrency mining and do not have access to a powerful ASIC, using GPU mining is a better alternative. The mining may be slow but you can still mine the Litecoin using Litecoin GPU mining. The only thing that you need to make sure is that there is a graphics processor that can be fitted within the desktop. In order to ensure that the speed is fast, the miners mining altcoins try to construct dedicated machines. They use motherboards which are strong enough to handle multiple graphic cards.

You need to understand that since Litecoin GPU mining is a system- intensive process it is likely to shorten any machine’s life span. So, you need to have proper provisions for cooling the machines when they get heated in excess. Miners who are keen about Litecoin GPU mining must set up the GPU miner before they get started. The cgminer is the more popular program recommended by experts. You can download it easily from the developer sites. Those versions which have been launched after 3.72 will not be able to support Scrypt mining. So, you should not try to download the most recent version; you have to look for the version which is compatible with your needs. Your graphic drivers should also be duly updated. When your graphics card can be detected easily, you can start mining; else, you need to follow proper instructions to install this card. When you have computers which are fitted with graphics cards, you can run the cgminer and cpuminer together. You have to remember to keep a couple of cores free for controlling the GPU. When you set the miner to include all cores, the CPU is engaged totally and it cannot send data to GPU for processing. When you mine using both CPU and GPU, it is possible to notice how better GPU mining results are in comparison to CPU mining. There is typically a five-time difference in their hash speeds.

So, like the Bitcoin, it was earlier possible to mine the Litecoin using both CPU mining and GPU mining. This scenario is slowly changing today as the mining hardware is becoming more and more advanced. Now, GPU mining for the Litecoin is also no longer as profitable as earlier and there are dedicated ASIcs which do the job much better.

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