Important Skills Children Learn By Playing

While it is important for children to learn how to use modern technology, they shouldn’t be totally dependent on using computers or tablet PCs during playtime. Playing with real toys not only helps to stimulate the imagination, but it also helps younger children develop physical motor skills. By playing with puzzles and other toys, children can learn many things they will need to know before starting school.

Important Skills Children Learn By Playing

Improves Dexterity

When small children play with toys, like puzzles, they can improve their ability to grasp and grab onto things. Children should be given age appropriate toys to play with, so toddler puzzles will have large parts to make it easier for them to hold. This helps them to develop their fine motor skills.

Learn Shapes

Toddlers will also begin to learn their shapes when playing with puzzles and other toys. They will learn how to put square shapes into square holes and round ones into round holes. Children need to know simple information like shapes before attending preschool and playing with toys is an easy way to teach them.

Learn Colours

By playing with puzzles, books and other toys, you can begin to teach your child other information like colours and about different animals, for example. Some of the puzzles and blocks made by the toy manufacturer Djeco feature animals, different colours and are made in different shapes. This helps small children begin their journeys in education.

Problem Solving

Whether it is putting together a puzzle or building a tower of blocks, children will start to learn how to solve the problems they encounter. If they cannot get a piece of a puzzle into a shape, they can try another until they find the one the fits. In addition to problem solving, they will also develop their memories, so the next time they play with the puzzle, they will know the square piece goes into the square space.

Learn About Sharing

Young children can learn to share toys without fussing when playing with others or their siblings at home. Whether they are playing a game together or putting together a puzzle, they can learn how to play well with others, take turns and learn to be patient while another child is playing with a toy they want. This will help children to learn how to get along with others so there will be fewer problems in social situations or at school.

Learn New Things

Children often want to be helpful around the house, but some things can be too dangerous for them to do. Buy your child a play cook set if they show an interest in helping in the kitchen so they can learn about pots, pans and stoves without being in danger.

If children have fun learning new skills, they will be eager to continue learning throughout their life. Buy them toys that allow them to have fun, but also help them to develop physical and cognitive skills. Puzzles, blocks and playsets can help your child learn shapes, colours and develop fine motor skills too.

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