How Windproof Umbrellas Work

A Windproof Umbrella, is that real? 

Have you every found yourself in the middle of a rain storm and there is a tonne of wind? You have the umbrella low and close to you as you walk with your head down, hurrying to your destination.  All of a sudden a big gust of wind blows and it sends your umbrella flipping inside out.  Now the rain is crashing down on you as you try to right your umbrella.  Once you fix it and continue on your way, it happens again a few feet further down the road.  It has happened, but it doesn’t have to anymore! Now you can get a windproof umbrella! These umbrellas are able to resist the wind and will not blow inside out. Some can withstand winds up to 85 mph that is strong wind!girl-1289457_1920

What is the Mechanics and Do They Really Work? 

In a traditional umbrella, waterproof material is stretched over metal ribs. The metal ribs are connected atop the shaft of the umbrella and are supported by metal stretchers which are attached to a metal runner that slides up and down.  When the umbrella is closed the runner is all the way down the shaft of the umbrella and the stretchers are flat against the shaft.  When the umbrella is open, the runner is at the top of the umbrella and the stretches extend out which raise the ribs of the umbrella opening the waterproof material.  In a windproof umbrella, the mechanics are a little different. The ribs of a windproof umbrella can move independently on joints, unlike the rigid ribs of a tradition umbrella design. The independent suspension system which holds the middle of the umbrella together allowing it to pivot around and move. Some windproof umbrellas use fiberglass to create the ribs as well.  These modifications allow the umbrella to move which in turn allow the wind pockets to escape the umbrella, keeping it from being blown inside out. Some umbrellas are modified and designed differently, but the basic principles behind the windproof umbrellas are the same. This means you stay dry even on a really windy day!

Are Windproof Umbrellas Expensive and Stylish? 

Windproof umbrellas range in price, but the more common ones are not much more expensive than a basic rain umbrella. Plus, by the time you replace all the broken umbrellas that have blown inside out, the windproof umbrella will be worth the money! Not to mention that windproof umbrellas are also very stylish.  They come in different colors with different patterns and designs.  You can pick if you want a solid color, ones that have swirls of colors, or maybe something two toned.  Pick the umbrella that style that you like and stay dry under it knowing that you are safe from having to blow inside out on you. Making sure you make it to your destination completely dry. They are affordable, they are in style, and they keep you dry what more could you ask for from an umbrella?

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