How To Trim Your Beard

If you thought growing your beard will save you time by not having to shave every morning, it is not entirely true. Every once in a while it is going to demand your time and attention as no one likes an unkempt beard. The easiest way to achieve the well-groomed beard is to buy trimmer online. There are various options available which allow you to not just keep your facial hair in check but also get rid of unwanted hair elsewhere. You could opt for an all in one personal trimmer or a mid-range professional trimmer online. However, if this is your first time growing your beard out, it might be confusing to figure out how to tame the scraggly growth. Here’s help.


Steps to Using a Trimmer for a Stunner Beard

Chin: The best way to start is to clean up the neck area. You may want to begin by defining a neck line so you know where the beard should end under the chin. The basic rule for doing this is to go an inch below the jaw line, as setting the neck line too close to the chin can make you appear like you have a double chin. Set your trimmer on 0 setting and start at the center moving towards the ear, following the natural curve of your jaw-line. You can also opt for a trimmer online that comes with a LED light so you can see those difficult areas clearly. However, you need not worry too much if you happen to cut too much of it as this area usually grows fast.

Cheek: Having done the neck area, you could move up to the sideburns, keeping them trim and then working down onto the cheek. It is recommended that for the cheek, you go down the natural smile line. You may choose to define a line for cheek as well, as you did for the neck but it may be difficult to achieve this with the trimmer. You could also opt for the U shaped beard style with shaven cheeks. The beard usually looks more sophisticated when the hair on the cheek area is shorter than those on the chin. The rule for this is to maintain a difference of two guard combs between the cheeks and the chin.

Mustache: This may be the most difficult part of trimming your beard. While a mistake on the beard can easily be camouflaged, cutting off too much of the ‘tache may be difficult to rectify. The first step to getting it right is to comb it down towards your upper lip and trimming the longer hairs with a pair of scissors. However, keep in mind that mustache hair needs to be longer than the beard in order to stay in the sleeping position. Also, as the hair here tends to be thicker than the rest of your face, cutting it short make it stand up vertically which would not be very flattering. It is also a good idea to give it some shape with a good mustache wax.

It is a good idea to wash your beard and comb it every day. This will keep it clean and neat. On an average, a beard can go up to a week without developing strays so you may have to trim once every week. Enjoy the compliments!

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