How to Buy Antique Furniture

The most current decorating trends propose recycle old furniture and so acquire a new life , combining in various ways. That is why he has come back into fashion visit flea markets and antique shops in search of hidden treasures , unique pieces , antique furniture that can categorize our interior decoration.You can choose Beautiful custom Rustic oak furniture created and tailored by Rustic Oak. Our talented craftsmen will listen to your needs, requirements and wishes for your furniture and will try their very best to recreate your idea of a perfect piece of oak beam furniture.

But of course, not so simple to buy an antique , because we have to have some knowledge to discern between a quality and one that is not, that is why we will share some tips for this.


One trick to choosing a good piece of antique furniture is that it is not too perfect . Is that over time the wood will shrink , so look carefully. If all corners , length, and width of the furniture looks perfect, is that you’re looking at a cheap imitation and not real old.

Another important tip , in the event that your furniture has drawers, is to check the status of them should slide through the guides and the keys must function and doors can be opened and closed easily.

In a quality furniture internal terminations should be made ​​with the same care as the outside , so you should always open the furniture to look inside.

Check who you are selling the piece you indicate what types of wood used in the manufacture of furniture , keep in mind that if the luster is too dark streaks may not look good, so you can be with a material of low quality or are trying to hide imperfections.

The handcrafted finishes are another quality detail , such as carvings , inlays patina and details that are skilled craftsmen hand .

Unless it is a particularly delicate piece , you can check the strength of the furniture before buying it by sitting on it or shaking it gently , also help yourself running his hand across the surface , to see if there are cracks .

The buttons , sliders , screws and bolts must be original if it is a quality furniture is another tip to consider, if you find signs of plugged holes , it may mean they have been replaced.

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