How An E-Bike Works

If you are looking for a way to beat the traffic, stay in shape on your commute, and save some money, you need to invest in an e-bike. An electric bicycle is a fairly simple device that borrows the best elements of a bicycle and also reduces much of the stress. When you are commuting to work, one of the most stressful parts of making a commute by bicycle is the sheer physical fitness required.


There is a good reason that cycling is one of the most popular forms of exercise; it can be very strenuous. That is great if you’re exercising, but sometimes you want to reduce the stress when you are traveling to work. That is why an e-bike is the perfect way to commute.

Pedal Assist Mode

Most e-bikes have two different modes; they can run on the electric motor alone or they can run in pedal assist mode. Pedal assist mode is when you engage the motor to help you pedal. That is usually the fastest way to travel. Some of them can even operate at speeds close to 30 mph, depending on where they are sold. The average commute to work is less than ten kilometres, so an electric bike kit can get you to work in a matter of minutes. Since there are bike lanes in so many places, you can avoid the traffic and maybe even get there faster than you would in a car.

Pedals Only

Most e-bikes will also allow you to operate in pedals-only mode. Pedals-only mode is when you are pedalling the bicycle completely with your own power. If you are trying to boost your heart rate and increase the work you are doing, pedals-only mode is the best way to boost your caloric burn potential. That is one of the fastest ways to achieve the health benefits of bicycling. If you are biking to work every day to fit exercise into your commute, you should use pedals-only mode as much as possible.


There is also a throttle mode on many electric bikes. Throttle mode allows you to power the bicycle without pedalling at all. This mode is usually capped at a very low speed, as per local regulations. For example, a throttle mode is typically capped at 4 mph in the UK. This is done to avoid costlier regulations and licensing that would come with anything classified as a motorbike. Throttle mode is great if you have somewhere to be and you get tired while you are pedalling. You can take a break and let the motor do the work for a little while.

Health Benefits

There are many different reasons why it is a good idea to bike to work whenever you can. As stated earlier, you can save time by avoiding traffic. You can also save money on your car maintenance and fuel costs. Most importantly, though, you can improve your health. Cycling is a healthy way to raise your heart rate and burn some calories.

If you are thinking about cycling to work, you should strongly consider an electric bike.

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