Find Out Goldfish Memory Myths & Reality!

As per a famous myth, the goldfish memory is not more than 3 seconds. So, what this myth is based on and how much reality is there in this is much more different. Is Goldfish memory actually that short? Or the reality is something different. Well, these are few questions associated with the memory of the beautiful fish – Goldfish which is beautiful, attractive and very colourful. Earlier, many people have supported this myth saying “Yes” a goldfish can remember anything for three seconds only. Their claim had been quite certain that goldfish does not possess good memory. But, recently some scientists have busted this myth claiming that a goldfish can remember things for more than merely three seconds.

Goldfish memory

Goldfish Memory Is Not That Short-

Recently, it has found by scientists that a goldfish possesses better memory for a fish. So, they are perfectly capable of getting trained for various responses in different ways and in different colours. They can be trained to act on music differently and also responds on sensory cues. Just not that, they can remember all those things which are taught to them for as much as a period of a year.

To prove this point, the researchers have worked on goldfish to make them trained in playing various games and acting on different objects. On these researches, they got amazing results from goldfish that clearly break the myth about short memory of a goldfish.

How Researchers Have Proven Their Point Of Better Goldfish Memory-

To bring in the reality, the researcher team worked on goldfish to teach them playing games like fetch, do limbo, push levers and soccer playing. They also got trained on being fed on a particular time of a day and thus, they clearly anticipate their feeding at that time. This act shows that goldfish has good power of remembering things for longer time than just a few seconds.

Moreover, it is also observed that a goldfish has a capability to recognize their owner. Furthermore, they show much response to the one that they consider their favourite master who feeds them daily. Even in a crowd of so many people, they easily recognise the one who they are familiar with. They do not only respond to one who feeds them regularly, but remember all other people who move around them. They show more activeness when they find people who they are familiar with. In some cases, it is seen that goldfish stops responding to some people sometimes. It happens only if the goldfish feels any kind of threat from the person.

Active Response Of Goldfish Indicates The Sign Of Their Good Memory-

After observing good response from goldfish as per they are trained for, scientists have made a clear claim that they have good memory and can remember things for longer period. They often stop responding at times, they get scared of anything like if a person holds a stick in hand or start trying to threaten them in anyway. In such cases, they start hiding themselves. So, to see the good response from this beautiful creature, you should try to behave beautifully.

With these claims, it gets quite clear that goldfish memory is the reason they act smartly on order of their masters.

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