Fight Facial Wrinkles With These Tips

Aging is part and parcel of life. It is inevitable to stop oneself from aging. Skin is the most prominent body organ that exhibits aging by forming wrinkles and facial lines. There are many ways to make the appearance of this line and wrinkles less visible. One can get cosmetic surgery done or can use Botox. It is best to delay wrinkles than to treat them with such expensive treatments. But why to go so far? You can always get facial treatments done on a regular basis. When searching for the best facial, always remember Nouri facial. Some preventive measures of wrinkles and fine lines are described below:

Avoid sun as much as possible: Sun radiates harmful UV rays, which causes elastin and collagen break down and makes the skin age faster. Also, these harmful UV rays can cause skin cancer. Therefore, do not expose your skin to the sun. Skin looks dull and loses its sheen due to the sun exposure. Also, you can take a facial treatment to reduce the damage caused by the sun.

Generously coat your skin with sunscreen: Sunscreen is a barrier between the UV rays and skin. It helps to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays. Hence, sunscreen is must do in a skin care routine because prevention is better than cure. If you have not been using sunscreen throughout your life, now is the time to take the initiative for inviting sunscreen in your daily skin care. Apply sunscreen 20 min. Before going out in the sun and reapply it after every 2 hours if exposed to the sun.

Say no to smoking: Smoking does much harm to the body, and one significant damage caused by smoking is skin damage. Smoking causes the collagen present in the skin to break down and make the skin lose. A lot of wrinkles and fine lines get more visible if you smoke. A person who smokes tends to look older, pale and dull.

Your skin is the mirror of your diet: What you eat reflects on your skin. Hence, you must eat healthier alternative to the food you like. Include a lot of veggies and fruits in your diet. Food full of anti-oxidants helps to fight the early aging and prevents wrinkles. Avoid bad foods like refined sugar, refined flour, alcohol, caffeine, etc. Also, include a lot of unprocessed fluid in your diet, consume a lot of water, lemonade without sugar (you can add little organic honey instead), green smoothies, etc.

Always keep your facial skin well moisturized: Dry skin is the main culprit of early wrinkle formation and fine line. Hence, it is essential to use a good facial moisturizer. Choose the moisturizer according to your skin type. Some people feel comfortable with heavy moisturizing creams while other may like light monitoring gels. It totally depends on the skin type. Do not forget to cleanse and tone the skin before applying any moisturizer. Otherwise, there might be dirt and bacteria that can get trapped in the facial pores and can cause skin infections.

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