Do You Love Cycling? Great, This Is Perfectly For You!

Visit Progear Online bicycle seller online, which sells first rate bicycles. They have put them through some extreme quality control and tests to present to you an industry driving guarantee for any new bicycle or trike buy.

The Progear group had an enthusiasm for outlining incredible bicycles for all Aussies for more than 15 years. And they are continually getting moderate, top notch, in vogue and functional bicycles and trikes.  All of their models are outlined in-house and in Melbourne. You can choose what type of bicycle you like according to your purpose.


  • Braking is a fundamental segment while going for a ride and is vital for a protected and charming adventure whether it be from driving or basically a beautiful ride. That is the reason our trike is fitted with front and back circle brakes.
  • Regardless of whether you are driving to work, going out shopping or just going for a moonlight trip, never fuss about having space to put your possessions, with an extensive 52 x 35 cm (L x W) raise crate.

Mountain Bike

  • Simply the Bicycle for All over the place.
  • Rough terrain, on-street, the Surge will be incredible for mountain biking and road cycling. A phenomenal and moderate bundle in a trail blazing bicycle.
  • A light-weight amalgam outline helps increment the deftness and treatment of your bicycle, making it basic for any trail blazing bicycle rider.
  • With a front and back derailleur joining 21 gears, you’ll have the capacity to keep up rhythm and locate the correct apparatus proportion for any grade. Comes furnished with a dependable Shimano Drivetrain and Shimano Thumb shifters.
  • Solid, dependable ceasing power is central to any bicycle rider, particularly in case you’re moving through intense landscape. That is the reason our Surge accompanies Plate brakes for reliable, powerful braking execution.
  • Edge Brakes (like Caliper or V Brakes) can be questionable in wet or sloppy conditions

  • It has longer endurance, more grounded braking execution, and less change and support required.
  • You’ll have the capacity to bite up rough and uneven landscape easily on the Surge’s suspension forks. Try not to make due with standard forks; you’ll be in for an awkward and uneven ride!
  • Pedals are the fundamental contact point for the majority of your capacity and torque, why will be the reason our Surge accompanies quality steel/gum pedals as opposed to plastic.
  • Their 30mm Twofold Divider edges are fittingly measured for trail blazing bicycle riding, for ideal weight and quality.

Electric Bike

  • Straightforwardness, Adaptability and Esteem – the RD-140 is an esteem stuffed Aluminum Composite Casing street bicycle perfect for those searching for an amazing suburbanite, deft street rider or wellness mentor.
  • The Aluminum Amalgam Edge holds the weight down and makes the bicycle simpler to deal with. You’ll see that this bicycle will be anything but difficult to ride, simple to deal with while lifting it into open transport, carport or home.
  • Amalgam additionally gives expanded casing firmness, and thusly builds productivity while accelerating hard.
  • A Shimano STI Double Control Shifters and Brake lever gives all of you the controls readily available. Joining braking and outfit moving into a similar part, this enables you to change gears without removing your hands from the bars.
  • With 14 Speed Apparatuses (2 x 7), you’ll have the correct rigging proportions to handle any course.
  • TEKTRO Front and Back Side-pull/Caliper brakes are solid, savvy and simple to keep up.
  • Light Amalgam Twofold divider edges give amazing quality and dependability, and accompany 700c x 23c tires for negligible moving opposition.

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