Different Types Of Uniforms Found In Different Workplaces

Most people work for a living either for a company or for an establishment or even the government etc. While some follow the typical office hours, there are many who work in shifts. Work can be an enjoyable place where people get appreciated for their contribution and get an opportunity to earn enough to fulfil the needs of their near and dear ones. Yet there can be complications too. For example, there might be greater issues with regards to performance, salary etc., or an issue as small as the uniform being uncomfortable.

automotive uniforms

Speaking of uniforms, in many work places it is mandatory to wear uniforms. Some places like hospitals, airports etc., and the officials are so strict that they might deny entry on not wearing the uniform properly. Areas where a strict uniform code is adhered to are generally high risk workplaces. However in other places like automobile showrooms etc., uniforms such as automotive uniforms are given so that

  • A uniformity can be maintained and
  • It becomes easier for customers and clients to understand the nature of the work done by the workers.

Some different types of uniforms

Some very common workplace uniforms that are generally seen are:

  • Hospital uniforms: There are many people working in hospitals and they are also exposed to all types of health related risks. Hence different uniforms are given in hospitals to
    • Make it easier for patients to know the type of work they specialise in,
    • Ensure that they do not bring infection from the outside environment into the hospital and
    • Prevent them from carrying infections from the hospitals to their homes.
  • Automotive uniforms: These uniforms are given to mechanics working on cars. Since they are certain to get very dirty with dirt and grease, auto mechanics wear uniforms that are comfortable, well-made and strong enough to endure the rigours of the job.
  • Hotel uniforms: Uniforms are generally given in the hotels to
    • Ensure that employees look their very best when interacting with customers,
    • Let the customers know their work specialities at a glance
    • To protect them from messing up their dresses due to fluid and food spills etc.
  • Airport uniforms: These are generally given to
    • Ground staff in fluorescent colours to make them visible to pilots during landing and taking off, thereby protecting them from getting hurt.
    • To pilots and airhostesses to maintain uniformity, make them look good while interacting with customers and also to specify their area of expertise.

There are a number of other workplaces like factories and laboratories which also require their employees to wear uniforms. In some other places like oil rigs, employees also have to wear protective gear like sunglasses, boots etc., for their own safety and well-being.

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