Buying Brand New Binoculars – From Comfort Through To Quality The Things To Look For In The Perfect Pair

The easiest way to buy good quality binoculars that are right for your needs will be to simply visit a reputable retailer that specialises in such optical tools. However, even once you have found the right company and know whether you wish to purchase binoculars for bird watching or for more generalised observations, there will be a few things to bear in mind to make sure that you get the perfect pair for you.

$_35Finding the right pair may well take longer than you are expecting. There are a huge number of different high quality binoculars available and so rushing in to buy a pair that simply seem good value for money may well leave you with something that really isn’t up to the tasks you need them for.


Not only will there be different types of binoculars designed for different activities, from marine observations to bird watching, but there are also different ways in which binoculars will work. For example Porro Prism, the most common type, will work very well for many different activities, but those who need higher quality alternatives will be best off opting for Roof Prism versions. If you are looking at high-cost binoculars for very specific purposes, ensure they are the latter to if you wish to truly get quality and value for your money.

Even then it will be worth reading reviews. Not only will different prism systems be more or less suitable for different needs, but even within the realms of each there will simply be some that are better than others – and price might not always mark out the best from inferior pretenders.


If a pair of binoculars can reach magnifications of up to 10 times the original object size, this may seem far more appealing when compared with those that can only reach 6 or 7. However, the magnification of a certain pair may not make them better. Not only will quality differ from pair to pair, but the activity you will be carrying out will also make a difference to how suitable a pair of binoculars happens to be. For example, the higher the magnification, the steadier you will have to hold your binoculars to get a clear image, and for those that need to follow fast moving objects, such high magnification could actually be problematic.

Furthermore, comfort and portability may also play a part. Bigger lenses may allow you to see more in a range of different conditions, but they will also increase the weight of the binoculars. As such, those moving around a lot may want to sacrifice a certain amount of potential for the sake of portability. Again, this will very much depend on your own needs and what you hope to achieve with your binoculars.

Finally, once you know which type of binoculars are right for you and have chosen a reputable retailer and read reviews about the products most appealing to you, you will want to ensure you have taken comfort into account. From style of grip to how easily they will hang round your neck, there will be no point buying an expensive pair of binoculars if they are so uncomfortable you rarely want to use them.

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