Aluminium Doors And Windows – The Key Benefits

When the vast majority of homeowners look to replace or upgrade their windows and doors, the most immediate and obvious choices in terms of materials are timber and UPVC. They are of course the most popular and common materials of all for use up and down the UK, but at the same time there’s been a distinct uptick in the use aluminium over recent years.

In years gone by, to choose aluminium sliding doors for example would mean to spend considerably over the odds, be limited to a rather uninspiring generic silver colour and face an on-going problem with condensation. These days however, things really couldn’t be more different as the technology behind aluminium windows and door frames has come a long way to say the least. Now on the market with three different rates forms (A, B and C) and all manner of different colours, styles and finishes, aluminium is fast gaining ground on timber and UPVC.


Leading the change for the advancement of aluminium windows and doors are many of the UK’s most prominent architects and building designers, having made the move to new-generation frames for an ultra-sleek and modern look. There’s absolutely no disputing the way in which gleaming metallic frames look perfectly at home when installed in modern buildings above and beyond any other material choice on the market. But at the same time, there’s also a pretty sizeable list of benefits that come with choosing metallic frames for use around the average home.

Here’s a quick overview of key reasons to consider aluminium as a genuinely viable and attractive alternative to standard timber of UPVC:


First and foremost, it’s worth bearing in mind that the Great British elements have a habit of wreaking untold havoc on the exteriors of pretty much every home up and down the UK. To suggest that treated timber or UPVC are in any way weak or not able to stand up to all manner of attacks would be unfair, but at the same time there’s really no material out there that’s more resistant and hard-wearing than aluminium.

From the hottest summers to the coldest winters to incredibly harsh wind, rain, frost, ice and more, aluminium is a fantastic choice when it comes to delivering strength and resistance for the long-term.


It’s amazing the difference a simple touch like aluminium windows and doors can make to any home – even those that aren’t necessarily ultra-modern and minimalist by nature. Aluminium has something of a timeless elegance about it that’s perfectly suited to almost any interior and exterior décor theme imaginable. From cosy cottages to beautiful bungalows and the most contemporary of living spaces, aluminium always looks right at home.


Aluminium shares one of the most desirable characteristics off all that come with UPVC – zero maintenance. It doesn’t need any kind of treatment or covering, repairs are pretty much out of the question entirely and once the fitting has been carried out, that’s where involvement comes to an end. The lifespan of aluminium windows and doors is to some extent impossible to estimate as these are the kinds of fixtures that usually outlive the property in which they’re fitted, though suffice to say it’s a hugely long-term investment.

Supreme Security

Something else to consider is the way in which aluminium is one of the strongest and most dependable materials that has ever made its way into the construction industry. As such, there’s really no better choice out there when it comes to home security. It’s nigh-on impossible to compromise or manipulate the integrity of aluminium because it is spectacularly strong and rigid. UPVC and timber are both resistant enough, but when it comes to really bolstering home security to the highest possible extent, nothing does the job better than aluminium.

Design and Colour Choices

Contrary to popular belief, advances in the production process of aluminium windows and doors have brought about technology whereby any imaginable shape, colour or finish is possible to achieve. From rich matte blacks to stunning polished chrome to classic copper tones and so many more besides, aluminium is quite spectacularly versatile from a design perspective.

Value for Money

Last but not least, considering the fact that to buy aluminium is to invest in something wholly wonderful for perhaps a full lifetime, value for money is of no question. The right frames and doors can even add a great deal to a property’s overall value, augmenting the initial expense several times over.

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